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School Development Plan

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pdf buttonBangor Academy Development Plan summary

Success for every student

Address the variation in the standards attained by the pupils

Raise the standards in English, in Mathematics and Technology and Design

Disseminate the most effective practice in learning and teaching in order to provide the pupils with learning experiences across the curriculum which are matched more closely to their needs, abilities and aspirations.

Address the need for middle leadership training to build the capacity of all middle leaders to monitor the provision;

-       use data to plan and set realistic targets

-       increase the consistency in learning and teaching

-       and raise the standards attained by the pupils


Staff and student well being

Introduce, develop and embed new pastoral developments:

o   New safeguarding protocols

o   SEN procedures

o   Anti bullying strategies

o   Restorative solutions introduced and embedded

o   Continued Focus on mental health

Embed Investors in Pupils Award.

Investors in People Award programme (Programme to be introduced and actions will evolve as a result)

Introduce new Teacher Professional Development Strategy.


Community engagement

Continued engagement with Shared Education

Admissions developed in light of 2018 and in conjunction with all local schools, DE and EA.

Continued Engagement with external agencies.

Develop Rights’ Respecting Schools Award.



If the plan is successful we will see the following:


The school remains true to its core values and principles.


GCSE performance 5 A*-C will be in line with school baselined expectations.


GCSE performance 5 A*-C including English and Maths will be in line with school baselined expectations.


GCSE FSM students will perform in line with school baselined expectations.


A2 results will be in line with the school’s expectations.


School will continue to prioritise the well-being of students when considering offering a suitable adjustment to post 16 courses. eg reducing 3 to 2 A levels.


Attendance strategies will continue to ensure we have the highest possible attendance.


The reporting and assessment system will provide an effective system for a range of interventions.


A calendar of planned quality assurance and self-evaluation activities to support sustained improvement will be in place and used by all staff.


Bangor Academy will introduce a coherent strategy for the induction and development of all staff at all stages.


Safeguarding will continue to demonstrate a co-ordinated approach across all areas.


Communication with parents will be seen as an effective area to include: SIMs Parent App, Truancy Call and social media, self-evaluation activities.


The student leadership team will be integral in all areas of school improvement.


The school will continue the journey to becoming a part of the ‘Rights Respecting Schools’ network.


The school will continue the journey to becoming a part of the ‘Investors in Pupils’ programme.


The school will have started the journey to becoming a part of the ‘Investors in People’ programme using the baseline as a tool for future improvements.


The PRSD pilot will develop into an integral part of staff development at Bangor Academy.


All staff will see the potential of Bangor Academy’s new Teacher development strategy.


Restorative practices will be evident in the school and used to enhance an already highly effective pastoral system built around positivity and relationships.


Shared Education will remain a priority.