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European Day of Languages

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European Day of Langauges 2011Bangor Academy celebrated European Day of Languages on Monday 26 September.

Pupils took part in a poster competition and there was an international theme to the menu in the canteen. Sixth form pupils dressed up in European themed costumes and cultivated pupils’ continental palates with a tasty array of treats prepared by the canteen.

In the library Mrs Malcomson displayed staff and pupils' treasured souvenirs from trips abroad. There were Spanish fans, Chinese and Russian dolls, chopsticks and a didgeridoo!European Day of Languages Food

We wonder what Hélène Trimbour, our new French assistant from Strasbourg, thought of it all. She didn’t seem too perturbed by the French stereo types we forced her to pose with. Hopefully she found it a useful stimulus for the French conversation classes she is running with our GCSE students.  Welcome to Bangor Academy Hélène!

French Assistant and Pupils celebrate European Day of Languages

Congratulations to the following pupils who won prizes in the canteen competition on the European Day of Languages:

Emma Mitchell-Brannigan, Year 9

Jack Taylor, Year 11

Gareth Lennox, Year 14

Peter Black, Year 14

Rachel McDade, Year 14