Queen's Academy


Bangor Academy and Sixth Form College has been participating in the Queen’s Academy programme for a number of years. This programme is designed to raise the aspirations of young people who are most able but least likely to progress to Higher Education. The Academy, working with young people from non-selecting schools, has 2 strands:

The Junior Academy working with young people in year 9-12

The Senior Academy working with young people in year 13 through to year 14

The Junior Academy offers a range of activities, both school and campus based, to raise awareness of Higher Education, enrich the existing school curriculum, and support attainment. It is a programme that gives pupils and their parents/carers insight into university life and the various opportunities available.

The Senior Academy has been set up to support Year 13 pupils in developing their potential to progress to Higher Education. The Senior Academy aims to support attainment in examinations via delivery of a range of school and University campus-based activities. As part of the programme participants have the opportunity to:

develop personal and academic skills - to build academic and personal confidence

develop career management skills - to widen career choices

develop enterprise skills - via an entrepreneurial master class

tailor the programme of activities to individual learning needs

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