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Study adviceCCEA Past papers and Mark schemes online!

pdf buttonExaminations Handbook Summer 2018

How to Maximise your Exam grades

Revise Revise Revise

  • Set your goals – what grades do you need to achieve?
  • The all important R word. You might think that your exams are a long way off, but they are not.  START REVISING NOW!

Don’t throw marks away – make sure that ALL OF YOUR COURSEWORK IS COMPLETE AND HANDED IN ON TIME

If you can redraft it, do so!

  • Attend revision classes.
  • Make a revision timetable. 
    • Divide your subjects into topics
    • Slot them into the time-table
    • Build in free time
  • Have one place in your home where you can work in a quiet, comfortable atmosphere.  
  • Organise all your notes before you start. Is there anything missing?AQA-Past-Papers-Revision-Notice-April-2106
  • Be active in your revision
    • summarise your notes
    • make cards
    • create mind maps
    • highlight key words
    • Drink plenty of water and get lots of sleep. 

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