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Vision and aims:
We want pupils to be aware of how their world has been shaped by historical events and use this knowledge to help them make informed decisions about their futures.  Pupils will be challenged to develop a range of skills through the study of history and politics that will empower and equip them moving forward into further education and eventually to a range of stimulating careers.

Staff:  Mr N Withers (HOD), Mrs S Hodges, Mr N Pilgrim, Mrs J Vennard, Miss M Braniff

Learning objectives:

Key stage 3:
Pupils will study a range of key Irish, British, European and world events, for example, the Normans, The Tudors, The Irish Plantations, Medicine and Surgery Through Time, The Partition of Ireland, The Great War.  Years 8-10 will be fun, interactive and full of information and facts that pupils will enjoy learning and there will be lots of opportunities to produce projects, to lead presentations and take control of their own learning to become true historians.

Key stage 4: GCSE

Pupils will take time to study these topics in depth.  Pupils will learn about Europe under Hitler and the Nazi Party, The Northern Ireland Troubles and International Relations during the 20th century.  The examinations take place at the end of year 12 and one piece of controlled assessment is completed in class during year 12.  Pupils always find these fascinating and again they will be encouraged, stretched and challenged to deepen their knowledge and skills to become top historians.

Key stage 5: AS/A2 Level

History - The Rise of Hitler and the Nazis, The Russian Revolution, The Cold War, The Partition of Ireland.  This is a great chance to dive into their studies and immerse themselves in deeper learning.  Pupils will be stretched to think beyond themselves and demonstrate a high standard of historical understanding.  A great challenge and a great opportunity not to be missed.  This is a great chance to dive into their studies and immerse themselves in deeper learning.  Pupils will be stretched to think beyond themselves and produce a high standard of historical and political understanding.  A great challenge and a great opportunity not to be missed.

Subject/Departmental pupil achievements:
A huge majority of our A-level pupils progress to study at university.

Educational visits and trips:
Every 2 years the history department offer a trip to a famous historical venue or city, for example, the Somme battlefields in France, the historical sites of Berlin, the camps of the Holocaust in Poland or the centre of USA political power in Washington.  Other trips include Carrickfergus Castle and the Somme Centre.  Pupils are invited to take their interest in history to the next level and to experience these historical gems for themselves.

Subject revision resources:
The department run revision sessions after school for GCSE and A level pupils in the final term for those looking for that extra support towards their final examinations.