Grease - congratulations to all involved in this incredible production!


Grease - congratulations to all involved in this incredible production! The curtain has fallen for the last time and everyone involved has memories to cherish of the friendships forged, challenges overcome and fun that they had.

If you’d like a more tangible reminder, professional photographs are available for purchase at

The password is available in the DRAMA department.

Here is a final message from our Director, Miss Gilliland.


For covering classes and releasing pupils, for passing on well wishes and listening to complaints, for buying tickets and being our audience, for running art competitions, designing and printing our programme, for running Front of House/ tuck shop and hospitality, for designing and projecting our make believe world  and getting and putting the right props in the right place, at the right time, for lights and sound: as without them we’re merely whispering in the dark, for chaperoning backstage and being director’s runner, for turning our pupils into T Birds and Pink Ladies through makeup and costume, for being our Guardian Angel, for choreographing and teaching every single dance move, for teaching and playing every single note...and for letting me have yet another of those weeks when I get to remember what a true privilege it is to be a teacher and part of a school community that can create something so special.

I hope you feel as proud as I do.”

Miss Gilliland #Greaseistheword