Silver Surfers Embrace the Information Superhighway


 Silver Surfers Embrace the Information SuperhighwayThe ICT department welcomed Year 8 pupils who had brought their parents and grandparents back to school to attend the annual Silver Surfer event in October.

BT research has found that nearly 1/3 of parents and grandparents have been taught to surf the net by a young relative.  In response to this research, and to further strengthen our existing relationship with the local community, we annually organise our own “Silver Surfers” event.  We invited parents or grandparents of Year 8 pupils to come along and let their child/grandchild teach them how to use the internet. 

 It was a popular event as we filled a whole ICT suite with our new ‘senior ‘ pupils,  all eager to complete the internet quiz. It is safe to say that the session was a success. Grandmothers can now shop on Groupon, or Amazon and check out the best restaurants on Trip Advisor. Grandfathers can book trips on Translink, see what is on in the Omniplex and keep up with BBC news feeds, and parents can get stuck into some internet shopping in time for Christmas - all thanks to our expert pupil-teachers.

It was a fun yet beneficial experience for both pupils and the adults who availed of this opportunity. Pupils had to use their initiative to help their internet novices navigate the web and make them aware of ‘netiquette’. We think our pupils enjoyed being teachers for the day, there are definitely some potential ICT teachers of the future