Year 11 make a New Year’s Resolution - Keep Making Safe Choices


FASA Presentation Our first day of the new term started with a hard talk for year 11's.

We believe that our young people have to be well informed to keep themselves safe within their communities. 

Today's topic was drug use and the importance of saying no.

Alex Bunting, senior manager at FASA gave a talk highlighting the fact that everyone is responsible for their own physical and emotional health, making the most of their education and young lives by choosing to be drug free. Some hard hitting examples were given around drug use and the consequences on individuals.

Sadly this was further reinforced by Adele Wallace the mother of Adam Owens, who she lost 7 months ago to New Psychoactive Substances (NPS or so called 'legal highs'.) It was a privilege to hear Adele speak of her loss and the impact this has had on her personally, her family and Adam's friends. Her story resonated amongst the pupils and staff attending the talk. Our respect and sympathy go out to her and others who may have lost loved ones to high risk taking behaviours.

We are grateful to both Alex and Adele for taking the time to talk to our year 11's.

If anyone feels they may require support in this area, please contact a member of the youth team at FASA in Bangor on 02891271322. 

 FASA Presentation  FASA Presentation