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The new pupil leadership team for 2016/17 has been selected!

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Sixth Form Leadership team for 2016-2017Year 13 pupils who put themselves forward for consideration for the new pupil leadership team for the next academic year  had to complete a rigorous process. In round one they had to prepare a presentation to persuade Mr Pitts, Ms Gillespie (VP), Miss Braniff and Mrs McKinty that they could qualify for interview.



The interview round was used to select the role  to which each candidate was best suited.  The panel consisted of the Sixth Form staff team, Mr Pitts and two local head teachers, Mr Peter Campbell (Central Integrated P.S.) and Mr Mark Weir (Strangford Integrated College).  Feedback from the interviewers stated how impressed they were by the innovative ideas for Bangor Academy’s future development,  the confident delivery of ideas and the strength of the candidates. A unanimous decision resulted in the following list of successful pupil leaders. Congratulations to each and every one.

Name                                                Role

Crystal Ashworth                             Head Girl
Emma Mitchell Brannigan                 Deputy Head Girl
Emma Stevenson                             Deputy Head Girl
Andrew Thompson                           Head Boy
Joel Smyth                                        Deputy Head Boy
Aaron McCalmont                            Deputy Head Boy
Jamie Brush                                     Head of House
Caitlyn Atchison                                Head of House
Charlotte Turpitt                               Head of House
Tom McQuillan                                  Head of House
Jamie Philips                                       Head of House
Ethan Fearon                                     Head of house
Sarah Matchett                                 Head of House
Katie Lyttle                                         Head of House
Catherine Lavery                              Head of House
Beccy Fleming                                   Head of House
Jordan McGrugan                            Senior prefect
Annyah Wynne                                 Senior prefect
Amy Howard                                      Senior prefect
Jonathan Finlay                                 Senior prefect
Brooke Mason                                   Senior prefect
Claire Adams                                      Senior prefect