Academy Team in First Tech Robot Wars: Surreal, inspiring and aiming for America in 2020!


Academy Team in First Tech Robot Wars: Surreal, inspiring and aiming for America in 2020!Bangor Academy’s ‘Bangor Bots’ have returned from the First Tech Challenge Finals in Manchester with an impressive 4th place in the national robotics competition.

They have just missed the chance to compete in the global competition in America in 2019 but that goal is firmly in their sights for 2020. 

Mrs Kerr (Head of ICT) said:

“Our Bangor Bots team performed to an exceptionally high standard and fully deserved to reach the semi-finals placing us in the top 4 teams in the UK competition.  This achievement was then recognised by ‘First Tech’ when they awarded us second place in the Connect Award.”

The dedicated team of 10 pupils accompanied by ICT teachers Mrs Kerr and Mr McKee have been busy building, coding, and strategising in preparation for the competition in Manchester. Arriving at the  venue, Altrincham’s Concorde Conference Centre, the Bangor Bots were astounded to see over 1500 other competitors and find their work area nestled beneath an actual Concorde aeroplane! Suddenly it was time for ‘game faces’! This was real and the Academy team was keen to impress. 

The competition, running in the UK for the first time, aims to get kids interested in ICT, technology and engineering and it has certainly inspired our BangorBots members! They have faced a steep learning curve to master the advanced robotics needed to make your mark in this competition. 

Mrs Kerr added:

“Both Mr McKee and I are so proud of every one of our pupils taking part.  They approached the whole experience with enthusiasm and showed gracious professionalism (one of the core values of “First”) throughout not only to each other but to the other schools competing. Bring on the 2020 competition!”

Congratulations Bangor Bots and thanks to all those who supported their fundraising efforts to pay for the awe inspiring trip to the Manchester Finals.