NDBC Public Speaking Win for Bangor Academy: What are ‘WEEE’ doing about Waste?


Public SpeakersNo, it's not a typo! The extra Es stand for electrical and electronic equipment waste, a topic two Bangor Academy pupils have spoken so persuasively about that they have come first and runner up in a local public speaking competition. Emma has won the local heat of 'Environmental Youth Speak 2012'.

Held at the Recycling and Environmental Information Centre at Balloo, Emma had to present a speech entitled 'WEEE* Waste Big Problem – What can we do? (*Waste electrical and Electronic Equipment). Emma's speech persuasively explained how we could divert old phones, computers and televisions away from landfill and looked at the responsibilities of individuals and society in this process.

Emma was selected to go through to represent North Down Borough Council at the arc21 regional final which will be held in Mossley Mill, Newtownabbey on 26th April. We'd also like to congratulate our runner up, Crystal.