Bangor Academy Celebrates Senior Prefect Leadership Team Selection


Senior Prefect team with Mr Pitts and Ms Gillespie Following a rigorous interview process, Bangor Academy’s new Principal, Mr Matthew Pitts, selected the Senior Prefect Leadership Team for 2014/15 - his first since his appointment as new Principal.

He said:  “It was a real privilege to interview the potential Head Boys and Girls this week and their positive comments about the school and staff were incredible.  All of them commented on the quality of teaching and the vast array of opportunities and support they have received at Bangor Academy and Sixth Form College.” Ms Gillespie (Head of Sixth Form) added: “I am so impressed and proud of Year 14. Those chosen to be prefects, senior prefects and particularly those in the Prefect Leadership team have all contributed to school life as much as they have availed of the opportunities offered to them. My congratulations to all of those who received a prefect badge and tie this week. I am sure they have inspired many of the Year 8s, who also attended this week’s ceremony.



Prefect team pictured with Mr Pitts