A2 Drama: Behind the Scenes at the Lyric.


A2 Drama: Behind the Scenes at the Lyric.A2 Perfoming Arts students picked Pauline McKay and Erin Hoey's brains from the Creative Learning department at the Lyric Theatre, Belfast.

This incredibly helpful visit gave our budding actors a real insight into the Lyric Theatre and how it is run. Pauline and Erin answered endless questions: providing vital information for A2 written coursework.

Who knew that beyond the rehearsal/ workshop spaces, two performances spaces and café/ bar that NI's only full time producing theatre is also a venue for weddings and christenings?

Miss Gilliland said;  'We really enjoyed it and I am delighted we have a follow up session when th e Creative Learning Department is  also coming to school for a workshop on Nivelli's War which we are taking AS and A2 students to see in March.'