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Stayin’ Alive with NIAS and Craig Gilroy on Restart a Heart Day.

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Restart a Heart Day 2016Rugby star, Craig Gilroy and the NIAS encourage 450 new life savers at the Academy this week.

The Northern Ireland Ambulance Service, ably assisted by rugby star Craig Gilroy, trained over 450 Year 8 and Year 9 pupils at the Academy in their Restart a Heart Day, on Tuesday 18th October. The Bee Gee’s rhythmic disco tune sets a perfect beat to use in compression only CPR – the one where you press firmly down on the chest in continuously regularly  until an ambulance or a defibrillator arrives. 

The Academy is one of seven schools in Northern Ireland to take part in the European Resuscitation Council’s UK-wide campaign to train 100,000 young people to save a life.  The involvement of the paramedics and sports star Gilroy certainly encouraged the pupils to get involved. 

Mr Pitts said:

“I would like to thank Craig Gilroy and the team of enthusiastic paramedics from the NIAS who inspired so many of our junior pupils to have the confidence to know what to do if they are faced with a loved one or a member of the community in cardiac arrest. Apparently  1400 people in Northern Ireland suffer cardiac arrest out of a hospital setting and approximately 1260 die. It is amazing to think that in just one day we have 450 more people in our school who could save a life by using simple compression only CPR  as soon as possible after collapse.”

Thanks to all involved above, including our School Nurse, Mrs Tinman, and the Sixth Form volunteers who helped out all day in the Assembly Hall.

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