Queen's Academy Sports Leadership Awards


Queens-Junior-Academy-Sep-17-webThree of Bangor Academy's pupils graduated from the Queen’s Academy Sports Leadership Programme with flying colours! Congratulations to Aaron, Stuart and Jake whose commitment and attitude throughout the three year programme earned them the prestigious 'Spirit of Leadership Award'. 

Patricia Hampson from Queen's Widening Participation Unit said:

'These awards are given to those participants who tutors feel go above and beyond what is required to complete the course or those who have shown special skills and attributes. After much deliberation we decided that eight young people should be awarded the Spirit of Leadership Awards. There were three recipients from Bangor; Jake, Aaron and Stuart.'

Stuart, from Bangor Academy and Sixth Form College

'This award goes to someone who has shown a high level of practical skills throughout the course. When leading the assessed element of the course in school he stepped up and showed great confidence in his delivery. Like any good leader, he preferred to get stuck in rather than lead from the side lines.'

Aaron,  from Bangor Academy and Sixth Form College

'Our next young happy go lucky young person was always keen to improve his skills from day one of the course. He was always one of the first to offer answers and suggestions and was always keen to ensure he did his best.'

Jake, from Bangor Academy and Sixth Form College

'The next young person may have been thought of as having a quiet disposition but showed commitment throughout the course. We felt that his natural potential as a sports person and as a sports leader was evident and will shine through in the years to come.'

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