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It is your legal duty as parents / guardians to ensure the regular and punctual attendance of your child at school.MissSchoolMissOut-web

The time you have to prepare your child for his or her future is very important. Each year, there are just 190 statutory school days. If your child were to miss 1 day a week for their whole time at school, they would miss the equivalent of 2 years’ school! That would be like not starting school until you were 7 or leaving at 14.

Frequent lateness can also add up, and can mean your child missing vital work, which then has to be caught up. It also disrupts lessons and can earn your child a reputation that it would be better if they did not have. The law deals with lateness and non-attendance in exactly the same way. 

Your child’s education is more vital today than it has ever been in previous generations. Please help your child to use this opportunity to the full!

Why is school attendance important?

  • It is required by law.

  • Children need to attend school regularly to keep up with their work and promote social development.

  • A good education will give your child the best possible start in life and enable him or her to make the best of the opportunities available.

  • Children need to develop good habits in readiness for later life.

  • Employers of school leavers will take into account the young person’s school attendance and punctuality record before making a job offer. 

  • Young people who are away from school without good reason are at risk of becoming victims of crime or abuse.

What can you do to help your child?

  • Make sure your child goes to school regularly, arrives there on time, and keeps to the school rules. 

  • If your child starts avoiding school, contact the school straightaway and work with them to sort things out.

  • If your child is ill, contact the school on the first day of absence. Staff will be concerned if they don’t hear from you. 

  • If your child is ever off school, tell them why. Make sure you follow the arrangements made by the school for this. 

  • If you want your child to miss school, for example for a religious festival or some other special occasion, seek the school’s agreement well in advance and give full details.

  • Don’t expect the school to agree to shopping trips during school hours – even if it’s for a school uniform! 

  • Take a full interest in your child’s school work. 

  • Support school staff in their efforts to control difficult or challenging behaviour. 

Make sure your child goes to school regularly, arrives on time, and keeps to the school rules. 


Useful websites

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