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Religious Education

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Departmental vision and aims:


 Year8-RE-homework Year9-RE-homework  Year10-RE-homework 


Key stage 3:

As a department we desire to equip pupils for life by developing their knowledge, deepening their understanding and enabling them to evaluate their learning.
We want our pupils to enjoy Religious Education and we use many resources and methods to engage and inspire.
We aim to have positive relationships with pupils so that pupils are cared for academically and pastorally
It is our hope that through RE pupils will grow academically, spiritually and morally.

Staff:  Miss S Wilson (Head of Department), Mr. S. Reain-Adair,  Mrs. V. Cameron,  Mrs. L. Marcus.Learning objectives:


At Key Stage 3 we aim to introduce pupils to biblical studies, church history, world religions and ethics. Foundations are laid so that pupils are able to progress to GCSE at Key Stage 4.
Year 8:Introducing the Bible, Bible Translation, Introducing Israel, Faith.
Year 9:Introducing Moses, The Early Church, The Celtic Church, Introducing Islam
Year 10:Introducing Ethics, The Life of Jesus, Introducing Judaism 

Key stage 4: GCSE

Year 11 and 12

GCSE:Christianity Through a Study of the Gospel of Matthew:The Identity of JesusJesus the Miracle WorkerThe Kingdom of GodThe Death and Resurrection of JesusThe Place and Nature of Christian Discipleship • An Introduction to Christian Ethics:Personal and Family Issues Matters of Life and Death Care for the Environment Equality War and Peace
We teach the CCEA Specification.
GCSE specifications in Religious Studies must enable learners to:
adopt an enquiring, critical and reflective approach to the study of religion;  explore religions and beliefs, reflect on fundamental questions, engage with them intellectually and respond personally;
enhance their spiritual and moral development, and contribute to their health and wellbeing; enhance their personal, social and cultural development, their understanding of different cultures locally, nationally and in the wider world, and to contribute to social and community cohesion;
develop their interest in and enthusiasm for the study of religion, and relate it to the wider world; reflect on and develop their own values, opinions and attitudes in light of their learning. (Ofqual)

Key stage 5: AS/A2 Level

Year 13 and 14: 

Acts, Corinthians and Galatians,
Introducing Islam
We teach the CCEA Specification

AS and A level specifications in religious studies should encourage learners to: 

develop their interest in and enthusiasm for a rigorous study of religion and relate it to the wider world; treat the subject as an academic discipline by developing knowledge, understanding and skills appropriate to a specialist study of religion; 
adopt an enquiring, critical and reflective approach to the study of religion; 
reflect on and develop their own values, opinions and attitudes in the light of their learning.  (Ofqual)

Clubs and Extra-Curricular Activities:

Assemblies are held each day and focus on a particular theme. Staff and pupils begin their day with a time to pause, reflect and pray. The RE Department often lead assemblies.

There is a Scripture Union which meets once a week at lunch time. The weekly meetings are lead by Sixth Form Pupils, teachers, and speakers from Christian groups or Youth Workers. Thirty pupils attend each week. Special events are also planned such as evenings out or weekends away.

Educational visits and trips:

Pupils are taken to special events which support their courses and guest speakers are also invited into school.

Subject/Departmental multimedia resources:

In school we have an extensive media library with documentary materials and contemporary materials which help pupils to evaluate the content of their courses.
Pupils are encouraged to conduct research,  prepare homework and write essays using ICT
RE revision materials are available via the school website.
Past papers and mark schemes are available via for GCSE (Units 4 and 8) and AS and A2 (Units 2 and 8)
Matthew’s Gospel in a visual form is available on youtube: ‘The Visual Bible, Matthew’
Useful summaries of the ethical debates are available on youtube: ‘GCSE Revision Religious Studies Abortion’, for example.
Bbc bitesize is useful for GCSE
Acts of the Apostles in a visual form is available on youtube: ‘The Visual Bible, Acts’
BBC Documentary on the life of Muhammad, available on youtube

Subject revision resources.

Revision classes are offered for the GCSE Modules on Matthew and Ethics and the AS and A2 areas of study which are New Testament Writings and Islam.

Teachers provide their classes with a wide variety of revision materials and past papers to support their revision.

Where will Religious Studies take me?

In Bangor Academy Religious Studies is popular at GCSE and A’Level. Pupils have gone on to a wide variety of careers such as nursing, social work, teaching, law. Religious Studies enables pupils to develop skills which are transferrable to many careers and employment and in particular the ability to think in an evaluative way.