Bangor Academy and Sixth Form College

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Information Communication Technology

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Vision:  Every pupil to achieve their full potential and beyond!

Aim:   To help pupils become competent and confident users of technology so they can use their knowledge and skills to assist them in their daily lives. To prepare pupils for the world of tomorrow in an ever changing technological society. 

Staff:  Mrs L Kerr (Head of Department), Mrs M Gilmore, Mr J McKee, Mr L Kirk, Mrs G Murray,

Learning objectives:

Key stage 3:
In year 8 all pupils will spend a third of the year (on rotational basis) exploring a variety of software applications including App design, coding, presentation and web design.  In year 9 and 10 pupils will spend half of the year (on a rotational basis) exploring applications including Excel, Comic life, Photo story, Game development, DTP, E-Safety, Movie Maker and Web development.  All pupils are entered for the CCEA KS 3 ICT accreditation scheme at the end of year 10 with the majority of pupils achieving at least a level 5.

Key stage 4: GCSE
Building on the Key Stage 3 foundation, pupils explore applications including Spreadsheet, Database, Presentation, Web and Game design as part of CCEA GCSE ICT.  Other pupils complete BTec ITQ user’s course developing their practical skills in Word processing, DTP, Presentation as well as Web design.

Key stage 5: AS/A2 Level
Pupils study Applied ICT at AS and A2 level.  The course studied builds on but does not depend upon the knowledge, understanding and skills acquired through the programme of study at KS3 and GCSE ICT.  It is therefore possible to undertake this subject without having studied GCSE ICT.  The course develops Management report writing required for industry as well as advanced application skills for Spreadsheet, Presentation, Word processing, Database and Web design.  Our KS5 pupils make use of innovative content management systems (CMS) such as Word Press.

Clubs and Extra-Curricular Activities:
Coding Club
Digital Leaders (E Safety ambassadors)
CC4G (Computer club for girls)
Lego League
After school revision club for both GCSE and A Level
Coder DoJo
BBC Micro Bit
Silver Surfers (pupils training Grandparents to use technology)
I Tea Time (intergeneration initiative linked with Barclays Bank and Linking generations)

Educational visits and trips:
Business in Community link with Fujitsu
All State
Bring IT OnE Safety Concert with Boy Band “Taken”
Robotic workshop with Sentinus
Phoenix Gas

Subject/Departmental multimedia resources:
Adobe Design Suite, iPads, Android Tablets, Interactive Whiteboards, Digital cameras, Microphones, Gooseneck visualisers, Microsoft Suite, Triptico, In-house Media Library, Fronter, Collaborate, Word Press, Robotics, Raspberry Pi, Coder DoJo and Weather Station.

Subject revision resources:
GCSE and A Level revision club runs through out the year in the department, Twilight GCSE and A Level workshops prior to examinations, CCEA Bitesize revision website, teach ICT website, CCEA past examination papers and In house revision booklets for GCSE and A’ Level.

Recent comments from judges after we were shortlisted for an ICT Excellence Award:  Judges found evidence of innovative ways to engage pupils (and parents/grandparents).  Examples included ... Bangor’s ‘Internet Rangers’, and a range of mentors/e-safety buddies.… Bangor Academy had a very sophisticated model of assessment devolution and invested heavily in staff training to support this Bangor Academy were impressive, where ‘digital leaders’ were involved in e-safety arrangements.  In all these student mentors from different year groups were key figures in the schools’ e-safety arrangements.

ICT Mark

    3rd Millenium Learning Award