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Maths Department StaffThe Mathematics Department “Where everyone counts”

The Mathematics Department at Bangor Academy and Sixth Form College seeks to inspire students to gain an appreciation of the importance and relevance of mathematics, as well as to excel academically.

Our Aim:  All students are encouraged to achieve their full potential at all levels. This occurs through the teaching students receive, the support offered by the department and the wide range of enrichment activities on offer.

Teaching and Learning:  All mathematics rooms are equipped with an Interactive Whiteboard and the Department uses a combination of traditional teaching methods, interactive teaching methods, and problem-solving and group work activities. Students are also given the opportunity to work on computers or use graphical calculators when a topic lends itself to this.


Key Stage 3:  At Key Stage 3, students are taught in their Forms in Years 8, 9 and 10. During the course of KS3 students consolidate and reinforce work from primary school at a range of Levels, with challenge and extension being built into lessons as often as possible. This sets pupils up with an excellent baseline to progress to GCSE Mathematics.

Key Stage 4:  At Key Stage 4, pupils are streamed in their respective bands according to Mathematical ability. Students currently study the CCEA GCSE modular course with higher attaining pupils studying CCEA Further Mathematics GCSE in Year 12. GCSE results are improving and staff in the department work tirelessly with these classes in order to support them with revision and exams

Key Stage 5 (Sixth Form):  A-Level Mathematics is a new option in the Sixth Form at Bangor Academy and Sixth Form College. We have 3 enthusiastic and passionate teachers of A-Level taking the pupils through the course. CCEA AS and A-Level modules are offered leading to qualifications in Mathematics. Students studying A-Level Mathematics will take Core 1, Core 2 and Statistics 1 in Year 13 and Core 3, Core 4 and Mechanics 1 in Year 14. 

Enrichment:  Students are regularly entered in the Mathematics Challenges run by the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust with many students qualifying for follow-up rounds.  After school revision clubs are organised and run from October within the department with students being encouraged to attend and start revision and preparation for exams at the earliest possible opportunity.

Teaching Staff:  Miss J McAlonan (HoD), Mrs L McFarlane,  Ms L O’Hare / Miss K Symon,  Mrs G Lunn,  Mrs J Adgey,  Mrs D Young,  Mrs E Morrow,  Mrs G Boocock,  Mr D Ross,  Mrs P Huntley,  Mr G Robinson

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