Media Studies


Vision and aims:  Students will develop analytical and creative skills while exploring and creating various media.

Staff: Miss S. Thompson (Teacher in Charge), Miss J. Burns, Ms C. Minford, Mr K Fleming. 

Learning Objectives: 

Key Stage 4 GCSE  
We currently follow the Single Award course offered by AQA. Pupils explore the four key concepts of media language, audience, institutions and representation through various media including newspapers, film, magazines and websites.  Pupils particularly enjoy the practical production element of the subject. This allows them to create newspaper front pages, cinema posters, websites, magazines and video games.  

Clubs and extra- curricular:
Controlled assessment workshops are offered on an annual basis to allow pupils to work on improving their controlled assessment tasks in a supportive environment.  

Educational visits/ trips:
Cinema trips
Workshops and visits from people working in the media industry

Subject/ Departmental Multimedia resources:
The department is well equipped with an iMac suite, access to iPads and digital cameras.

Subject revision resources:
Each year pupils are provided with a revision booklet to help them structure their revision. Revision classes are also offered.