Life in Sixth Form


Our vision for Sixth Form Education at Bangor Academy and Sixth Form College:Life in Sixth Form

We want our Sixth form to be high achieving and inclusive.

We believe that our students should:

We expect you to:

We will:

Target setting, tracking and tutoring.

A small group of trained staff will work with Sixth Form on setting future targets and reviewing progress made. Students in Sixth Form need to have a career plan and work towards realistic goals. The Sixth Form staff  and the Head of Careers, together with the Careers Service, will help you to investigate the range of higher education and employment opportunities available.

Bangor Academy and Sixth Form College welcomes applications from any student who:

• has recognised that further education is necessary for achieving a planned ambition;
• is prepared to work hard to achieve his/her best;
• is willing to accept the advice given by staff with respect to courses;
• is committed to Bangor Academy and Sixth Form College and is prepared to accept the  responsibilities that go with it.

Highly qualified and experienced staff prepare and equip students to achieve success and move on to their chosen career pathway…..whatever that may be!