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Meeting the criteria

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The following criteria will qualify an applicant to study Level 3 courses in Year 13:

1. Pupils who most recently completed Year 12 in Bangor Academy and Sixth Form College (June 2017) who have a good record of punctuality, attendance and behaviour.

2. All applicants must have continuity of study from Year 12 into Year 13.  Any applicant who has already completed Year 13 will not be accepted unless there are exceptional circumstances.

3. The minimum requirement for all courses is 5 GCSEs or equivalent at A*-C (preferably including English and/or Mathematics).

4. If an applicant has studied a subject to GCSE level he/she must have achieved at least a grade C in that subject if he/she wishes to study it to AS level.  Some subjects will require a grade well above grade C.

N.B. If a student does not meet all of the criteria, we may be able to offer an alternative pathway in exceptional circumstances.  A member of the Sixth Form team will be able to discuss this on results day.

5. Applicants from other post-primary schools who meet the specific criteria will be admitted.  If there are more applications than there are places available, places will be awarded using the Department of Education Criteria (See DE guidance).

Department of Education Guidance

The Department of Education may, on request, increase the number of pupils that the school can admit to its Year 13.  Places that become available in this way shall be allocated only to pupils who meet the basic eligibility criteria for sixth form study (as above) and shall be allocated in the order determined by the criteria to be applied in other order set down.

1. Pupils who have most recently completed Year 12 in Bangor Academy and Sixth Form College.

2.  Pupils from other schools where admission to an extra place at Bangor Academy and Sixth Form College has been agreed by the Department of Education.*

*Parents should note how the Department of Education will, in response to a school’s request, increase the school’s admission number in order to allow an extra post-16 pupil to enrol.  DE will first check whether there is another school or schools of a type suitable for that pupil within an hour’s journey of where the pupil lives.  If there is, DE will then check whether this other school or schools may provide all of the post-16 courses that the pupil wishes to pursue.  If these checks find that no other suitable school may provide all of the post-16 courses that the pupil wishes to pursue, then DE will agree a school’s request for an extra place.

What is a school of a type that is suitable for a pupil?  To determine this DE first considers all schools to be one of 4 types:

(1) denominational, (2) non-denominational, (3) integrated, and (4) Irish-Medium.  A school requesting an extra place for a post-16 pupil will belong to one of these 4 types and DE will consider any other school or schools from this same type as suitable for the pupil.  DE will also consider as suitable for the pupil any school from the same type as the type of school that the child attended in Year 12.

To study A2 courses at Year 14:

1.  Each applicant must have attended Bangor Academy and Sixth Form College during the previous academic year and reached the required academic standards for their course.

2.  Any student whose behaviour has been unacceptable during Year 13, for example, requiring suspension, will not be permitted to return to school for Year 14.  Any extenuating circumstances will be considered by the Principal.

3.  Due to the complexities of GCE assessment, it will not be possible to enrol from other educational establishments into Year 14.

4.  In exceptional circumstances (supported by external documentary evidence eg Medical notes) we may allow students to repeat Year 14.  This will be at the Principal’s discretion in conjunction with the pastoral team.

Applications for all places will close at 3.00pm on the first Tuesday following the release of GCSE results

(Tuesday 27th August 2019).